The Final Countdown

This is it. Yesterday, I paid for my exam through the Society of Actuaries. Today, I scheduled the exam, for March 19, 2012. That makes 53 days to study. If I solve 30 problems per day between now and then, that is 1500 hundred more problems. I think that I will start a little counter in my “To Do” notebook, to tally my total. (A “To Do” notebook is sort of like a smart phone, and kind of like a computer, and kind of like a personal assistant. I can’t survive more than two hours without one. Actually, a “To Do” notebook is even more like a brain, except much more functional.)

In other news, the kitchen is nearly demolished. The plumber came yesterday to rip the old sink out, so now we are left with a filthy, crater ridden floor.

The next big project is removing the fridge from the kitchen. I put aside one entire day of work for this project, and it will take at least that. First, the doors need to be unwired, unhosed, and removed. Then the fridge needs to be moved through a narrow door. Finally, the fridge needs to be redoored, rewired, and replumbed. All of that, after having already unjointed my back trying other techniques.

Wish me luck.