Job Description

FonziFonzi Dog


  • Snuggle
  • Be nice to kitties
  • Guard house from mail carrier
  • Greet visitors at door
  • Keep lap warm
  • Play
  • Run around house very wild
  • Give kisses
  • Resist strong urges to eat cat poop


  • Room and Board
  • Bones
  • Personal sleepy chair next to bed
  • One very long walk per day, plus one short walk
  • Regular prunings (Jimothy back end, Helen front end)
  • Free medical care, including regular preventative checkups, plus emergency service
  • Scratches
  • Tummy Wubs
  • Occasional showers
  • Toy selection in basket, as well as life-size dog puppet (Tumbleweed) for dragging around the house.