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I need to organize my job search. I am not in hyper job search mode: I have a good job, and I have priorities other than looking for a new employment. And yet, I am doing just enough searching to make for an organizational challenge. Suppose that in the near future I apply for a total of thirty to fifty positions at twenty different employers. At this level, I have plenty of applications, job descriptions, resumes, and letters to track but very few human contacts, responses, and interviews.

Here is what my database application should be able to do:

1. Store potential employers and information about these employers: websites, passwords, notes, HRC rating.

1.5. Store preliminary data about possible employers requiring more research.

2. Store specific jobs and application history, resumes used, letters, description, title, location, job ID.

3. Have a form for adding new job.

4. Perform queries on jobs previously applied to.

5. Produce reports on same.

6. When I do get a response from a potential employer, I need to be able to sit down in front of the computer and instantly see the particulars of the job, plus the particulars of my submission.

I have a little bit of a start already. In a short while, I will post a diagram of my data structure.

4 thoughts on “Project: Job Search Database

    • I got the whole thing mostly working before my job became too busy for the summer. I figure that job searchng is a numbers game: You need to put out dozens of resumes to get one response, and you to get a dozen responses to find one that will ultimately lead to a job. That means you need to keep very organized, the same way that you would be managing customers for a business. This task is why databases exist.

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