A List

  1. I have returned to studying after a several month hiatus.
  2. Wow, this stuff looks tough.
  3. Good thing that I made all these study cards.

Another List:

  1. The things that follow on this list are some of the things that I have done during my lull in studying.
  2. I pruned my dog yesterday.  He is like a lollipop.  I just keep trimming and trimming, and never seem to get to the center (the dog).  There is a lot less dog there than it would appear.  My plump dog is now a skinny dog.
  3. Work is busy again this year.  That means at least 50 hours a week.
  4. I walked on stilts for the first time in eight years, in honor of a friend’s 70th birthday.  It was great.  I practiced once, and was fine except for sinking onto the soft spring turf in the lawn.
  5. I also performed on the banjo at a the Abington Friends School, just outside of Philadelphia.  What a rush of memories.  I spent 10 years of my life performing in elementary schools, and now that whole experience is 10 years in my past.  Next year, I will find more opportunities for some small school performances or workshops.
  6. I also visited the Leigh Charter Arts School.  What an inspiration.  Art, music, and dance were happening everywhere.
  7. The property renovation is still continuing.  The latest update is that the small property in the brush at the foot of our lawn finally sold.  The new owner took a couple of bulldozers and knocked down all of the trees and brush.  That means that I need to quickly erect a fence, as there is now a small building in our front lawn.  In our town, it costs $119 in permits to erect a fence:  $25 for codes, and $94 for building.  Permits, and a laborer are secured.  An auger, posts, and fencing remain.
  8. My great new studying asset is a coffee shop friend who teaches finance, and who sits in the coffee shop and trades on the market.  There aren’t too many people you can sit down and discuss calls and puts with.
  9. end of list.

That’s all for now.  More updates soon.