A Typical Day at Work

I thought that I would share a story, that illustrates a little bit about what my days at work are like.

I wash the exteriors of structures. Frequently, I wash two houses each day. Other times I wash hotels, industrial buildings, water tanks, or sewage facilities. Most days, when I get to work, I get a street address, or two, along with some basic descriptions of what we are trying to achieve on each job.

So. Tuesday I get to work, and I have directions to get to two houses in a neighboring county. I don’t actually have street addresses, just GPS coordinates and and Google directions. This work is for a regular customer, a construction company. I wash their model homes most years. GPS coordinates are what they provide, but I do not carry a GPS device.

Since the homes are in Lebanon county, and I carry only a detailed Berks county map in my truck, my boss has been kind enough to clip a Pennsylvania / New Jersey map to the back of my instructions.

An hour later, I exit route 78 onto route 22. Route 22 is one of those abandoned old highways, lightly peppered with derelict one-pump stations, vine covered drive-through eateries, and lean-to motels. After a few miles, I follow my instructions from the “highway” onto a narrow no-line road in a cornfield.

After one more turn, I flip the page, and find that my next turn will be onto “Dead End Road.”

Instantly, I lose that “What a pleasant day driving around at work” feeling, to be replaced by that “Oh crap, I’m not going to be home until dark today” feeling.

I turn onto Dead End Road, which has apparently been dead end long enough to earn the permanent name. Sure enough, a mile later, in the middle of dirt, corn, chickens, goats, and shotguns, I come to a bridge which has been out for at least 50 years.

Luckily, I have my Pennsylvania / New Jersey map. I might as well have an Alaska, or Hawaii map.

The adventure ends there. I can tell from my instructions that I am only about three miles from my destination. I also know that the development of houses is near a town called Jonestown . So I know that if I get back out to the main road, then find Jonestown, I will be alright. In fifteen minutes, I am at my destination.